Bathroom Remodel Planning

    A bathroom remodel, like any remodel project are no easy task.  Through hard work I have learned,  since I am not a “Fixer Upper” nor do I have a fixer upper partner to do the work with me, I need to be true to my level of skill, and physical ability.  I can enlist the help of my son, but we both need to learn how to work symbiotically, lol.
     I have also learned to assess the why, these are the moments I draw some lessons from the theater, ha-ha.  We, actors, had to study our character and find the why for the actions of our characters, after all the characters are not us, we are portraying another being with different  thoughts, experiences, and ideas.  But if we did not think about how the character thought, behaved, or viewed the world, our performance would come out as pretending to be happy, scared, or mad.
     In this case, we are  not trying to pretend to remodel the bathroom, but we are trying to make sure that the remodel serves us a purpose.  Remember, we are working on a budget, so we must plan the remodel carefully and not over do it.  We also do not want to take more than we can chew.  If we don’t know how to rewire light units, then we should not consider adding recessed lights to the ceiling, or building a storage area, which I really want to do, when we have not made a wall before.  What we can do is renovate the bathroom and bring it to a point in which if we have the opportunity again to add the storage area, or recess lighting, we will be able to do it.
     So here are some of my “Whys?”  Do we need more space?  Is there room to expand?  Do we need more storage?  Are the items currently in the bathroom serving their purpose?  Do we need to change them?  What can we keep?  What needs to go and what could be changed later?


  1. It is not finished.  It was not finished when I moved back to my mother’s in almost 10 years ago.  I have been thinking about remodeling, or rather finishing it but have not been able to.
  2. My mom needs a walk-in shower, not a tub.  Because of her club foot from polio when she was a girl she has little strength on her right leg.  I don’t need her taking her chances lifting her leg to a tub, slip and fall.
  3. The bathroom has no storage.  None except under the sink.
  4. The toilet is a little too big for the bathroom.
  5. To add appeal.
     So now that we have figured how much and why we don’t like the current state of our bathroom we have to think about our options for improvement and what will keep us inspired throughout the project.  Design styles like traditional, modern, or country.  This decision will lead you to the type of tiles, lighting fixtures, bathroom color, type of sink/toilet,  wall paper (if any), and flooring.  Since the remodel was inspired by my mother’s needs, I also have to think of shower fixtures like a stationary shower head, or a handheld; handrail placements, a glass door or sliding door with wall (or not?)
     Have you remodeled a bathroom before or want to remodel your bathroom in the future?  If so, share your experience or dreams.  Can’t wait to hear from you!

About Zoe Brooks

I am a home owner with bad credit and low funds who needs to fix her house. Althought I have not studied construction, lawn and garden, electricity or plumbing, I still try my best to fix my issues quickly, safely, and permanently.

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