Gains and Loses, Monthly Income Report


A detailed income report to track gains and loses and the success of the blog site and other income venues.

Gains and Loses is my version to the income reports I have seen in other blog sites.  The purpose of this report is to be transparent with any income earned through marketing and advertisements.  Even though I have been blogging for the last few months, since late August to be exact, this will be my first installment for the report.  I have not worried about creating this report before only because I am still to make any income from my blog.  Yet, this report will serve as a way to measure financial progress.

Here are the incomes I will report:

Adsense: $0. I have not accrued enough money to receive payment.  As I understand it works with visits to my site and guests clicking on the advertisements.  All I have accrued so far is less than a dollar,  now I am working on my SEO (search engine optimization) so hopefully my cents will be more dollars by next month.
Affiliate Marketing:   $0.  I am still working on how to plug-in some affiliate marketing links.
My full time job:  $1600.  I work as a Restaurant Manager for the public schools in my county.

Other forms of Income

  • Pampered Chef, $0
  • Yoga classes.  $250.  I teach yoga as part of the wellness incentive for the insurance company at work.  Pay is $50 per hour to teach our local teachers yoga and relaxation.  Income from teaching goes from $100 per week up to $400 a month.  I am also starting teaching at a local yoga studio on Thursday nights on January 2017!  This could be the beginning of a great career.
  • doTerra.  $0.  I started with doTerra earlier this year.  Due to some self-doubt  did not pursue this outlet before and much has come out of it.  The doubt stops here.  Essential oils are a great venue to use my Alternative Medicine degree, yoga, and even cooking skills to work,

About Zoe Brooks

I am a home owner with bad credit and low funds who needs to fix her house. Althought I have not studied construction, lawn and garden, electricity or plumbing, I still try my best to fix my issues quickly, safely, and permanently.

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