The Builder

Hola amigos!!


My name is Zoe and welcome to my blog, The House That Zoe Rebuilt.   I am The Builder.  This blog was started to both document my adventures as a do-it-yourselfer and to generate some income to continue funding my home improvement projects.  As a homeowner who has an entry-level management position, bad credit, children, an aging mother, and not enough money to resolve many of my needed repairs, the idea of fixing the house has become quite daunting.  So, while I wait to win the lottery, I will do as much as I can with the little time and finances available.  The premise of the blog?  To fix the house while fixing my credit AND save a little money.  Almost forgot, I am also in a deadline.  I want to fix the house to make it more comfortable for my mother.  She is getting older and her comfort is of highest priority.

My Experience and Background

I studied Theater right after high school where I learned how to use power tools and great painting techniques.  Trying to pursue my Theater career I realized I needed a more stable job until things took off,  So I studied Culinary Arts.  I fell heads over heels in love with culinary arts and have continued working in professional restaurants until the present time.  A few years back I decided to go back to school and study Alternative Medicine.  Unfortunately I would have to continue studying in order to make my Alternative degree work, so I decided to study Yoga.  In short; I am a certified Culinarian, aka Chef, with a Bachelor’s degree in Alternative Medicine and a Yoga Alliance certification,  sassy!  At first I didn’t believe that I have enough skills to undertake the task of home remodeling, but I have surprised myself.

My Hobbies and Crafts

Some of these hobbies and crafts will  come in very handy in many of my projects;

  • visual arts; drawing, painting,
  • crochet
  • gardening
  • pottery

The blog is my solution to keep me on track, and moving forward.  Since I started this blog a few of my friends have told me how they too are in a similar predicament.  Some don’t think they have enough skill to actually do the work themselves while others don’t know where to start.  Writing this blog hopefully will help other “weekend warriors” tackle some of the projects they find unreachable.

Although I don’t have extensive knowledgeable in construction and repairs, but because of that I do a lot of research online, library, and TV for how-to’s, and I am planning on sharing my best finds with you, so you can view and learn on your own.  Mistakes are bound to happen and I am happy to share them too.  We all learn from our mistakes, don’t we?  So, learn from MY mistakes!

Thank you for visiting my site!  I would love to connect with you on social media, so be sure to say “hi!” on Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest.

Your hopeful homeowner,