The House

The Humble Abode


My mom bought this house back in 1990.  It is a 1959 3 bedroom, 1.5 bath, 864 sqft. home on a 7,964 sqft. lot.  When she first bought the house she knew there will be some fixing to be done.  Her issues, as well as mine, are that; 1) she was a single parent of three teenagers, 2) didn’t have much income-most of her funds went to the purchase of the house and our daily expenses, 3) back in Puerto Rico her brother used to be her handyman.  He passed away before our move, so we didn’t have a handy person to help us around the house or deal with contractors or service men.

The Issues


The amount of issues related to this property are countless.  There have been numerous times in the last 27 years in which my brother, sister, and I have told her to sell and move to a newer place.  Unfortunately, my mom likes this house, after all, it is walking distance to the post office, many restaurants, shopping centers and grocers, not to mention we have a bus stop right at the entrance to the subdivision.  In our area, these are rare instances, for most subdivisions are remote from the hustle and bustle of commercial areas.

So, walking up to the house here is a list of issues that need to be fixed.

  • Landscaping, or curb appeal
  • The columns holding part of the roof
  • The replacement and installation of the soffit and fascia of the entrance
  • Outside of home needs to be painted
  • Electrical system needs to be updated and rewired.
  • Plumbing system needs to be updated and rewired.
  • AC needs to be fixed
  • Shed needs to be replaced
  • The front door does not open
  • Both front and side door could use a screen door
  • Utility room needs to be finished
  • Inside of home needs to be painted
  • Walls need to be finished
  • Door frames need to be replaced
  • A few windows need replacement
  • Closets are to be redone

Those are the most important things I can think of which really will make this house a more comfortable home.  Here is a list of the things I would like to do to increase the appeal and comfort of the home.

  • Designated garden areas
  • Landscaping and a fruit/vegetable garden
  • Upgrade the flooring, home/garden decor, and light fixtures
  • Redo both bathrooms
  • Improve organization

A Look into the Future


As I had mentioned at the begging of this page, my siblings and I have mentioned to my mother in the past of selling the house and starting over.  The more time I spend living here and fixing this house, the more I fall in love with it.  The house is well located, at walking distances of many places, making it very desirable for me and the family.  The charm and love my mom has for this property is well understood now.  It is my hope to create a garden that will allow me to live sustainably from the property.  Another aspect I foresee for this home in the future is to raise chickens, as well as maybe bees, and miniature goats.  There might not be full acreage, but there is plenty of space for small livestock.