Project Goals for 2017

Well, I have decided to outline my project goals for 2017!  This will give me a sense of accountability.  Without much ado here is the list.

The minor projects (weekend projects) will be  not in chronological order:
  1. The front columns.
  2. Finish the utility room.
  3. Create a side garden to sit and chill with my mom or guests.
  4. Weather sealing the back metal shed.
  5. Make a vegetable garden
  6. Work on the hallway closet
  7. Create a sewing corner
  8. Organize kitchen.
  9. Landscape the front garden
  10. Basic car repair/maintenence

Possible contracted jobs:

  1. Land clearing and disposal
  2. Air conditioner repair
  3. House painting outside.
The number one project for 2017 will be:
A bathroom remodel!!!!  One project of epic proportions which might include
permit information, project budgeting, definitely plumbing, tiling and wall building.
This project will be a doozie.  The bathroom remodel will help my mother get in and out easier.  I want to add storage space, remove the bath tub and make it a walk-in shower.
The bathroom remodel will be quite an exciting feat, and I love a challenge.  I will create a project file to keep the progress of the project at easier access.
Other goals:
There are a few things I want to do to make this blog site more user friendly.
  • I want to buy a new theme for the blog site.  The new theme will make your navigation and my posting easier.
  • I want to invest in a few classes to make the writing a better.

Those are my goals.  Have you made plans for next year?  Please share!


About Zoe Brooks

I am a home owner with bad credit and low funds who needs to fix her house. Althought I have not studied construction, lawn and garden, electricity or plumbing, I still try my best to fix my issues quickly, safely, and permanently.

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