Rainy Day Ideas for the Low Income DIYer

Ideas To Keep You Going On Your Project


Woke up this morning inspired and planned out my day.  To be completely honest, I am not a big fan about this, because some how it does not work out for me.  Prime example, TODAY.  I planned for yard work.  To mow the front lawn and clean out the backyard. I want to create a space outside where I can practice yoga and exercise.  Also, I want to clear out areas for my vegetable gardens.  One goal was to take off-springs of some plants to replant in other areas of the garden, like the front lawn.  I also planned on doing laundry while working on the back yard.

So, I got up this morning, made me breakfast and prepared for the yoga class I was to teach at noon.  I have been teaching yoga regularly now for almost a year and I still get super nervous, so I take my time to go through the poses, and calm before my class begins.  All this time, nothing but sunshine.  As my class ends and the students leave, I begin to gather my items and get ready to clean the studio when I notice the storm approaching.  Well, so much for yard work.

It is always such a disappointment when your plans do not go your way.  We could sit and pout when plans get rained on.  Even be rebels and say, “Well, I’ll show you!  Since I can’t do what I want, then I am going to spend the day binge watching Fraiser in Netflix!” (I admit I love binge watching sitcoms and Fraiser is one of my favorites) or whatever less productive activity that will keep us from attaining a home project goal.

Down a Rabbit Hole To Get To My Point


We need to set an Intent.  This is regular practice in Yoga.  We set an intent before the class, like open the heart to compassion and love.  Meditating on how each pose brings us closer to the intent.  In many aspects of life this concept is used.  In religion, how are our actions drawing us closer to God?  At work, what could be done today to ease work tomorrow?

I do this everyday with the blog itself.  This blog, even though it has not generated any money, is a job, nay, a career for me.  And I spend many hours a day working on it.  Be it on the technical aspects, the blog posts, or learning how to hopefully one day make it profitable.  Yet I tend to forget that fixing the house IS the reason I am blogging.  Without a step forward on fixing the house there really isn’t a blog.

Back to the Rainy Day


You might be asking yourself, what is such a big deal about a rainy day.  Simple, I live in FLORIDA.  Lightning capital of the United States.  I respect Mother Nature and I do not want to get struck by lightning.  From the late spring to late summer we could have numerous thunderstorms per day, so many of the outside summer projects have to be placed on hold or get started early in the day.  So today, when once again I am faced with the inability of mowing my lawn, I decided to make a list of all the other possible things I could do to either accelerate a project, catch up with housework, or get my mojo going for a project.  Without much ado . . .


Rainy Day Ideas For The Low Income DIYer


  • DO THE HUSTLE:  Nope, not the dance.  Although who is stopping you from enjoying a little dancing while working on a side job (hustle).  In this post alone I have talked about my two main side hustles.  This blog and teaching Yoga.  There is a third side job which is still in it’s infancy and that is creating yoga props and clothing.  This side hustle is taking me longer because I am preoccupied with the house and the blog.  A side hustle will help you generate extra income, some hustles include taking online surveys, editing work online, tutoring, babysitting, doggy or house sitting for that matter.  Michelle Schroeder-Gardner owner of Making Sense of Cents and my inspiration to start blogging has a great post on different ways a person can make extra income.  Click here to check it out!
  • DREAM/VISION BOARD OR JOURNAL or BOTH!  Why a board or journal, because it helps you stay focused and excited.  I am going to create a board, and I have started working on my journal.  It does not look as amazing as the ones I have in my Pinterest Board DREAM/VISION BOARDS board, but it works for me.  Since I started the journals, one for blogging and the other for Yoga, I have rekindle my love and passion for both subjects.
  • ORGANIZATION:  Take this time to tackle those areas that we don’t think about until we open them, like kitchen drawers, bathroom cabinets, closets, bedrooms, utility rooms, mud rooms, really any room in the house.  Sort out things that could be thrown out, given away, or for sale (hmm, side hustle?!)
  • OIL DOOR HINGES:  When I thought of this one I laughed.  But seriously,  door hinges, creaky steps or floors are those things that we never have time for or quickly forget.  The same thing with dusting cobwebs.  Our lives are so full and busy that we forget the little things, until visit arrives and we notice the dust and all the tiny unsightly things.
  • CHECK BATTERIES ON SMOKE DETECTORS AND FLASHLIGHTS:  We do not have smoke detectors in this house.  I know, we probably need them.  We do have flashlights, and I can bet that none of them work because the batteries are dead.  Rainy days are a great opportunity to see if you are out of batteries.  And to calculate how many batteries you need to buy.  Also, great opportunity to find a good home for the flashlights so that they are easy find in the event of a power outage.
  • REARRANGE LIVING ROOM OR BEDROOM:  Do you think the sofa will look better by the window?  What better time to change is than now?  Especially if the house is full of bored children who can move the furniture for you, but I digress.
  • BEGIN PREP FOR A MAJOR PROJECT:  Let’s say you have bought all the supplies for a special project.  In order to get started you need to do some cleaning or prepping of the area.  Be it cleaning and taping the walls for painting, organizing a room so you can install shelves, or find studs in the wall so you can hang pictures.  These steps could be done on a rainy day, and save you time later.
  • TAKE MEASUREMENTS OF AREAS AROUND THE HOUSE:  Take a look of your project list.  Now that vision board would come in handy.  What projects are in your list?  For example,  in my list I have replace the door/door frame in my half bathroom.  Other projects include; replacing the window in the main bathroom, installing a screen door at the front door, replacing the side door with a window door or light and ventilation, sew slip covers for my sofa and chair, create a low storage bench for the living room and remove the bath tub and build a stand in shower with storage.  All of these projects require a lot of measurements.  Having a list of measurements, brands, and even model numbers for the items you want to change or fix helps could save you time and money.Home improvement stores do have windows and doors in clearance.    This is a trick I am quickly learning as I continue the home improvements.
  • CLEAN VENTS AND FANS:  Did I forget to mention I live in Florida?  Not only are we the Lightning capital of the United States, we are also very hot and humid.  If you do not have an air conditioner in your house you are sure in for a scorching hot year.  Guess what?!  We do not have an air conditioner in this house.  Correction, we do not have a WORKING air conditioner in this house.  How do we keep cool? floor and ceiling fans.  We have low ceilings and the ceiling fans are more annoying to me because I am tall.  I hit my hands when I move them over my head.  Fans and air conditioner ducts collect dust.  Because they are always in use we forget to clean them.  The thing is if we do not clean them we are breathing in the dust and allergens.
  • ONLINE WINDOW SHOP TO CREATE A PROJECT BUDGET:    I have to say, that this is one of my favorite pass times. Home Depot and IKEA  are two of my favorite stores both to go to and to shop around online.  I love the IKEA catalog I get on the mail, because it works well with the vision board mentality.  Both the catalog and online store have already made rooms for inspiration.  At the showroom you get to handle all the furniture and fixtures before you purchase.  As a matter of fact, I built my kitchen from IKEA about 5 years ago.  I did it for the fraction of the cost of a major company wanted for just one cabinet.  I only built the counter tops.  Now I am planning on buying the upper cabinets.  I also want to change the doors of the bottom cabinets to give it a quick update.  IKEA is great because most of the sample rooms including the kitchens are designed for small apartments and areas.  This house is from 1959 has small bedrooms and spaces unlike the contemporary houses built now a days.  At Home Depot you can search anything home improvement.  It is a great learning tool.  Many products have how to videos.  The product specifications helps you calculate how much tile and grout or paint you need.
  • INVENTORY TOOLS:  There is nothing worse than begin a project and not have the tool you need.  Well, since we can’t mow the lawn , then lets gather all the hand tools, bits, measuring tapes, hammers and screwdrivers.  Create a list to keep track how many and where you stored them.  You might find that you have multiple screwdrivers of one size, for example.  Probably because you kept buying a new one since you could not find one the last time you needed one.  If you have multiples, create small tool bundles and can distribute them in different areas of the house.  This way they are close at hand in a pinch.  You could take a look at my BASIC HAND TOOL pdf to see what tools you should have available at hand.  This way you could see what tools you might be missing
  • DEEP SCRUB GROUT:  Here is another chuckle causing thought, but it’s true.  I am on the go all the time.  There are times that my handsome English Bulldog does not get the opportunity to go outside.  So, there have been a few instances in which he has peed inside.  I mop it quickly.  But when we are not home the pee dries on the grout. Rainy days create the opportunity to dedicate special attention to your house.

Well, the rain has subsided and I accomplished one idea of my list.  I Hustled and Laundered!!  How do you tackle home projects on a rainy day?

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I am a home owner with bad credit and low funds who needs to fix her house. Althought I have not studied construction, lawn and garden, electricity or plumbing, I still try my best to fix my issues quickly, safely, and permanently.

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