Bathroom Remodel Planning

    A bathroom remodel, like any remodel project are no easy task.  Through hard work I have learned,  since I am not a “Fixer Upper” nor do I have a fixer upper partner to do the work with me, I need to be true to my level of skill, and physical ability.  I can enlist […]

Project Goals for 2017

Well, I have decided to outline my project goals for 2017!  This will give me a sense of accountability.  Without much ado here is the list. The minor projects (weekend projects) will be  not in chronological order: The front columns. Finish the utility room. Create a side garden to sit and chill with my mom […]

Permit me a project

Permit me a project

How not having a building permit will cost more than you think This is a small post that will grow as more information becomes available. Well, it has come to my attention that I just might need a permit.  Tan-tan-tan.  Also, I do not want to post all of this work for nothing either.  So […]

The Thrill of the Rubik’s

Working with Cement and not allowing one obstacle stop you from achieving your goal. I remember my first Rubik’s Cube.  Matching the sides always felt impossible, no matter how much I turned it.  The day I was able to get one side all the same color felt like climbing Everest! Last week I climbed my first mountain […]